Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#poweredByindie The great thing about being a writer.

The great thing about being a writer you get to portray life as you would like it to be for your characters.Life doesn't always go well for them but then life isn't always fair or just, that's for sure.  You get to test their courage and resourcefulness with the option of bringing them through or letting them go under. Even your villains go through reverses and, here again, you can allow them to be top dogs for a while, bearing in mind they are human too, for it's true to say no one is all black and even gangsters have families and someone to love them.

All of it goes into constructing riveting plots to keep your readers reading your book and not someone else's. Playing God is irresistible so long as it doesn't  turn out like the film 'Bruce Almighty' when it soon became clear to him not everyone is cut out to be a deity.  Still, as writers we can dream awhile.

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