Friday, December 11, 2009

Serialisation of my airline novel 'Up Up And Away' in Ireland's Own

Just a foretaste of what Ireland's Own has in store for readers of their popular magazine in January. The serialisation of my first novel depicting the loves and lives of air hostesses and pilots in an Irish airline. Up Up and Away takes off with a double instalment in the New Year's Annual - on sale end of December.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Sacred Space by Nesta Tuomey published in Realty Oct '09

Location, location, location... it's a big consideration when choosing a place to live but it's just as important when choosing a place for prayer and it may even turn out to be the attic.
All of us - even the saints - need props to prayer. And anyone can seek out a sacred space to identify with. Above is mine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dove of Peace

This is my favourite piece of stained glass by artist and good friend Nuala. It hangs from an arch in my garden where the sun reflects the jewel colours by day, the soft garden lighting by night!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Short Story - 'Superheroes' - Ireland's Own

Published on 13th March 2009

Garden Transformation - The Irish Garden

My article published in 'The Irish Garden' April 2009

Book Cover In The Shadow Of The Red Queen

Hot off the Press - the new anthology (containing my story 'It Could Only Happen In Nerja' coming out on 13th May) now has a cover. Have a peep:

Stained Glass Panels - The Irish Garden

I've always wanted a conservatory and haven't given up hope yet but I compromised recently by creating a garden room in the back car port, complete with stained glass panels. Hanging lanterns and crouching lions completed the effect. There are two more stained glass panels at either side of the leafy arbour at the end of the garden and these glow jewel-like by day and spot-lit at night are even more magical.
Extract from article published in The Irish Garden January/February 2008

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here is an extract from IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN IN NERJA:

"Three girls away on holiday together worked out better than two, especially when one was disappearing off all the time as Millie was. In the beginning her friends Carol and Sandy put it down to being away from home and parental supervision but were soon attributing it instead to the magical atmosphere of the Spanish place they were staying in, to the languid impulses inspired by the hot Andelusian sun. Both had to admit its power was working on them too, at times making them act in an uninhibited, even irresponsible fashion so very different to their usual more moderate behaviour. "

This story to be included in the Adult Suitcase Anthology, In the Shadow of the Red Queen, published by Bridge House Publishing.

Out 13th May 2009.

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