Monday, September 17, 2018

Holding Pattern will be online end of Septermber.

I didn't realise when preparing to convert my novel to digital I wasn't allowed to include the link to my Amazon page.  No, really. It seems other distributing outlets don't like it, consider it a downright unfair disadvantage.  Not to me, of course, but well, I can see their point now.  So won't do it anymore. Promise!
 Not when it's stopping my book from going online for another whole fortnight.   

The paperbacks will be a little later but I expected that.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

My new airline book Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern will be online middle of September, in paperback by end of the month. Available from Amazon. Married on  the rebound, air hostess Kay Martin, is shocked to discover her former lover, Captain Graham Pender, believed dead in a Colombo Air crash some years earlier, is alive and a hostage in the Ceylonese jungle. After being rescued, Graham returns to Ireland and flying, and meets up again with Kay.  In the aftermath of a foiled hijacked flight out of JFK to Cuba passions run high in the Miami hotel. But their love affair and Graham's career end abruptly when he is forced to return to Colombo  to face terrorist charges and Kay's world crumbles about her on finding herself pregnant with his child.