Thursday, December 22, 2016

Four days to Christmas

The twelve days to Christmas are now down to four. No need to ask what everyone is doing. Joining in the last mad dash to the shops to buy, buy buy! . Today I was fooled into thinking I would have a quick 'n easy entry and exit to the Shopping Centre when the road leading to it was not chock-a-block with cars until  I saw further along the packed slope vehicles bumper to bumper. Got a vacant space after circling the carpark three times.All that effort in search of the fresh sprouts reported to be in short supply  this year when personal greed took over and I rode the lift to the ground floor in search of delicious bars of gluten-free  marzipan chocolate.

In the line of cars people were making use of the enforced wait absorbed in their Ipads. As a writer of novels and short stories I like to thinkof them as potential customers and with a wave of my magic wand boldly display my wares on their windscreens in coloured lights. Would that I could and see their looks of shocked delight as they viewed the covers of my books and maybe peeked inside 'The Mask'  to read the opening lines of the prizewinning story Menomadness whose ageing heroine built on Rubenesque lines became enthralled by her own own buxom body. Or the sad old lady with the failing memory trying in vain to recall her son's parting words at their last meeting only hazily recalling his vague promise to pick her up from the Old People's Home on Christmas Day and when he is running late forlornly wonders if it could have been, 'If we don't see you for Christmas we'll be sure to have you out for the New Year.'

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas is coming.

My favourite occupation at Christmas before marriage and family-raising took priority was reading.   In those earlier festive times my list was made up of fiction, it was only later biography caught hold. One memorable Christmas I read about the Bronte sisters and was soon enjoyably lost in 'The Path to the Silent Country'. Gripping stuff, impossible to put it down. All that talent, passion and frail health.

Undoubtedly, books written about people, especially about authors, can be fascinating. Maybe that's why so many works of literature are dramatized and adapt so well to radio or television. This Christmas will be the first without the usual popular two hour drama featuring Downton Abbey. It will be missed but there is sure to be something else historical offered in its stead.

But to my mind books are better by far than television. I have my list already compiled and although committed to cooking Christmas dinner this year with all the trimmings I'm hoping to get the chance to indulge a bit with the memoirs of Alexander Fuller who grew up in Rhodesia before it was renamed Zimbabwe and writes so evocatively of that troubled time  Maybe make some progress on Wing CommanderThomas Francis 'ginger' Neill's The Silver Spitfire. I am about half way through this RAF pilot's exciting and often humorous account of his assignment to assist and advise American fliers in England  during WW11 and the Spitfire he somehow came to acquire for his own personal use.

For a little light relief I can take up again where I left off in 'French Women Don't get Facelifts' by Mireille Guiliano...and keeping my commitment to updating in Goodreads

And dare I hope that other readers might be reading some of my books curled up by the fire and getting lost in 'Like One of the Family' or 'The Straw Hat' short story collection with what-do-you know - four Christmas stories on offer. Check it out.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Offer ends today 5th December.

Day 4 just ending.One more day to go, one more chance to download for free from Amazon 'Like One of the Family'  Just click on the link

Looking forward to hearing your opinion. It's a big book so I don't expect to hear back until 2017. Even a few lines would be great, encourage other readers to suss it out and post their views. Alice Sheridan of Commuting Times said, 'Like One of the Family' is a sensitive, powerfully written novel that will have you in tears one moment, smiling the next and in a state of shock the next. It is one of the best books from an Irish author this year."

So be sure and avail of the chance to check it out and see if it's true.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Today's rhe day. You can download for free my book Like One of the Family from Amazon. Offer lasts for 5 days until Monday 5th December. Share and enjoy. If you feel moved write a review. Would love to see it. Hope so anyway.