Monday, December 4, 2017

Freebie time again Short Story Collection The Straw Hat.

With Christmas coming close - twenty days to go - you might like a few Christmas stories to read on your Kindle over the festive season. The Straw Hat  can be downloaded for free from my Amazon page between 7th to 11th December .This week in fact.
 Sister Enda's Lamb started out as a BBC Morning Story, before being published in various magazines. From the eye view of well-behaved Maria who has high hopes her tiny woolly lamb will make it to the top of the crib steps by Christmas. Certainly, if Sister Enda has anything to do with it she will, but sadly, Sister Healy takes over the Montessori class and, alas, Maria will never be her favourite. Home for Christmas is about a pilot on reserve whose wife is very upset when he is stuck on a flight to New York over the Christmas period. It looks like he will be sharing Christmas turkey with his crew when, in flight, a fire breaks out in an engine and they are forced to turn back for home. The Usual Arrangement  got a repeat on BBC Christmas Day and tells of Mrs Mooney's anxiety as she waits for her son Patrick to call and take her out to spend Christmas at his house. But he is late and she is convinced he has forgotten all about her and not coming.Not so, but the imagination is cruel and unforgiving and she experiences a lot of emotions before he arrives flushed and contrite, full of Christmas cheer.  There are another seventeen stories to enjoy, some with a rural flavour.