Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review by Meg of Up Up and Away-

on March 31, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Up Up and Away
by Nesta Tuomey

As I read Ms. Tuomey’s’s novel Up Up and Away, I was
captivated by Kay Martin, the Irish protagonist (heroine), in the story.
Kay is lovely, young, and winsome. Her only ambition in life is to become an
Air Hostess for Celtic Airlines. The story is doubly intriguing since
I was the same age as Kay living in the turbulent times of the mid-1960’s.
Ms. Tuomey paints convincing images of the cultural and historical
period during which Kay lives. In the same way, Kay’s emotional and
moral struggle with her impassioned love for Captain Graham
Pender causes real conflict within herself and the reader.
Personally, I didn’t know whether to cheer Kay on or counsel
Ms. Tuomey takes the reader into the bewitching but provocative
world of Irish Airlines to view the rivalry between young
Air Hostesses struggling for independence and competition
in a world fraught with changes. As for the character
of each Airline Captain , I give you leave to draw your own
conclusions. It isn’t quite the undertaking one may imagine. Think
conquest, sex, and infidelity.
A delicious must read.

South Carolina