Monday, January 9, 2017

#poweredByindie writing wish list for 2017

I know my wish list for the New Year will be similar to a lot of other writers - to publish, not kill my darlings. I am in the fortunate position, some might say, of having two novels ready to go but with the brake still on. Although drawn to being a fully committed #poweredbyindie author I am like someone poking their toes into the water and holding back from taking the plunge.

Like the song of indecision sung by Jimmy Durante at one time 'Did you ever get the feeling like you wanted to go and yet still got the feeling you wanted to stay,' I haven't quite made the transition and am  still cravenly weighting all the options. Maybe still wanting someone else to be the one to say 'Hey, this is good. We want to publish it.'

I can see some of you smiling a bit sadly at such foolishness but others will confess to feelings of a similar nature before they moved purposefully forward and put their own precious book online for their readers enjoyment. Indeed, they were clearly wasting no time in creating that well-deserved buzz.. So this is the indie author I am now concentrating my attention on, fondly remembering the thrilled colleague who recently posted on Facebook how she had just received paperback copies of her new book, bubbling over with love for her cover, boasting how the pair of them were 'dancing giddily about the kitchen together.'

Isn't that what it's all about for all writers this coming year - to be read and experience the buzz of excitement, the satisfaction that will inevitably be theirs. I think it is and I am greatly looking forward reading your indie experiences and maybe even picking up a few hints along the way.

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