Friday, October 26, 2018

'Holding Pattern' out now in paperback on Amazon.

The good news is Holding Pattern, my new Irish airline novel, is out now in ebooks and paperback. It can be got from Amazon and my first review has been posted by Tulip on

This reviewer notes that it is set in the 70's and early eighties and the novel starts with the crash of a passenger jet in the jungle of Ceylon. Air hostess Kay believes her lover married pilot Graham dead and marries a friend.  However, he is held hostage by a local mercenary group and returns to Ireland  after a few years to find his wife remarried and his lover married with a baby.

She likes the many details and airline characters. For someone born in 1968, it was like revisiting things of her past , the watching of a video of a wedding with  a whole group in pre Facebook days, the renting of a video in a shop, the discrimination of married women on a job, child custody given to one parent after a divorce, the not attending a wedding due to being in mourning. It is also the days before AIDS with pilots and crew merrily frolicking during layovers in New York'

She adds, 'In my line of work I saw the last Tamil refugees-waves applying for asylum. It was interesting to read about the start of that conflict.'  With a discussion started in Goodreads maybe others will join in and give their views.  Could prove to be very engaging.

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