Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Two weeks to go then free download Up Up and Away.

Just to let you know the moment is coming when my first airline novel will be available for downloading for free. Will confirm the date later. This is the cover for eBooks edition. When the paperback was coming out the publisher gathered together 'bits and pieces' of uniform. Grey jackets and flat airline hats. From where I don't know but even before I had signed a contract -  I had already read and rejected three - he staged a photo shoot with models and one four gold striper captain and, in spite of myself, I was excited.

When it came to the present eBook edition I gave the designer a line about the air hostesses and pilots having 'their heads and hearts in the clouds,' and viewing the result one amused friend remarked, 'Yeah, this lot look like they are ready to party once they land.' So they are too. It's a fun read, a  sometimes wry look at an Irish airline, the loves and lives of pilots and air hostesses. Take time and enjoy!

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